I aim to achieve clarity in response a cluttered state of mind, both for myself and the viewer. Veils, transparent objects, and things that divide and obscure hold great significance for me. I’m particularly drawn to the idea of separation, a threshold to pass through, and the desire that arises when a full image isn’t immediately given.

I’ve continually come back to the vantage point of an airplane window and I often think about it in terms of a new landscape. This godlike perspective brings me back to the idea of separation. Being obscured and removed from earth while looking back should bring clarity but the hum of the airplane only clouds the mind.

In my work I block out or obscure part or all of an image, object or photograph, creating spaces of uncertainty in the image where it can’t be viewed in its entirety. I often use veils that are created by drawing, painting, or shifting the focus. My work consists of both paintings and photographs, and I often blur the line between the two or combine them, considering photography to be a form of painting.

-Drew Rane